Diode Laser


We utilize the Diode Laser for many treatments during your orthodontic treatment, including:

  • Removing extra gum tissue: To expose more of the patient’s teeth, we can use the Diode Laser to shape the gum tissue. The gums encase the teeth, so if there is too much tissue, the teeth may appear small. The laser safely removes the excess gum to give the teeth better function and appearance!

  • Assist in Bracket Placement: If a tooth is covered by too much gum tissue and not enough room is available for a bracket to be bonded, the Diode Laser is used to remove the extra tissue. This way, our doctor has enough room to place the bracket precisely where it needs to be on the tooth.

  • Help with Impacted Teeth: If a tooth is still underneath the gums and hasn’t erupted on time, we can use the Diode Laser to help with the eruption. This will speed up the eruption process, and we do not have to wait months to continue with treatment.

  • Prevent Fever Blisters: Fever blisters are caused by a common virus that is spread through saliva or skin-to-skin contact. Once contracted, the virus remains dormant in a person, but it can become active ever so often. Stress, illnesses, sunburn or trauma can lead to an outbreak of a fever blister.

When a fever blister is forming, the patient will feel a tingling sensation, and then redness and swelling will occur. Our doctor can help inhibit the formation of a fever blister by using the Diode Laser. The laser can prevent the blister from breaking out, but if you already have a blister, it can also be treated with the laser. After treatment, it should fade.